Create animated videos with dialogs and control characters' body actions
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T2VPlayer is an excellent tool that allows you to create animated videos. You just need to type in the dialogs and the program will automatically transform them into an animated video. The program includes eleven show formats with different characters and sets. For example, the default show format has two characters that are standing in a news-show style set, looking at the camera. After selecting the show, you can write the script and play the video. The video includes the text lines, and the characters speak the lines that you wrote.

Besides the spoken lines of each character, you can also write commands for the characters' body actions, e.g., change the facial expression, move the head, look right, stand up; you can also control the speech speed, operate cameras, show pictures, add and play mp3 files, and more.

You can alternate writing spoken lines with command actions to add a realistic touch and create great stories. In the help file you can view the list of commands. Besides that, the program includes different examples, which are very useful to give you an idea of how to create your own shows - or you can edit them to create your stories. The program allows you to adjust the video and audio quality. After creating your video you can save it or export it to a WMV file.

The program requires the Microsoft Server Speech Platform runtime 11, which is included in the installation setup.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • It has higher quality than the previous version


  • This version supports Windows 7 and Vista, but Windows XP is not supported
  • You have to use other programs to create other characters or show sets
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